Ask the Students: Can Someone Attend Meredith Manor with Limited Riding Experience?

by Samantha Capoferri-Fellin
Instructor, Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre

This Ask the Students question comes from Autumn Marie Morris:

ďDo any students go into Meredith Manor with little riding knowledge or experience?Ē

Student responses include:

  • "I actually think it was beneficial for me because I didnít come in with any bad habits that I needed to change and the instructors really worked with your level of experience and helped you progress."
  • "I donít feel Iíve learned any slower than other students that came in with horse experience, I just didnít have any preconceptions that I might have to change."
  • "I donít feel like not having any experience hindered me in any way, it kind of left things as a blank slate for the instructors to be able to fill in, and thereís less for them to have to fix."

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The manor is an incredible place!!! It gave me the confidence to live and love my career. I talk about Ron's words of wisdom constantly and I remember listening and learning from Faith's teachings.
Amber Luce: 2007 Riding Master III Graduate