Fall 2006 Showmasters

Overall show winner Stephanie Kleinbauer Reserve Champion for the Fall 2005 Showmasters, Brittany Watkins

Overall Champion

Amanda Zevallos

Reserve Champion

Emily Zoltowski

Dressage Events


1st Place - Katie O'Toole
2nd Place - Amanda Bryant
3rd Place - Gina MacFarlane
Winners of the Dressage Equitation Class

Rider's Choice

1st Place - Jennie Blanchflower
2nd Place - Liz Sylvester
3rd Place - Samantha Capoferri
Winners of the Dressage Equitation Class

Intro Level

1st Place - Gina MacFarlane
2nd Place - Jeanette Taormina
3rd Place - Sara Kreps
Winners of the Dressage Equitation Class

Western Events

Winners of the Western Equitation Class


1st Place - Kacey Reamer
2nd Place - Genny Kraus
3rd Place - Rachel Masa
Winners of the Western Pleasure Class

Pleasure Class

1st Place - Ashley Howald
2nd Place - Amanda Zevallos
3rd Place - Kacey Reamer
Winners of the Reining Competition

Reining Pattern

1st Place - Amanda Zevallos
2nd Place - Jewel Smith
3rd Place - Genny Kraus

Jumping Events

Debut Jumpers

1st Place - Fuschia Saarinen
2nd Place - Samantha Buncher
3rd Place - Stephanie Lindenfelser
Winners of the Debut Jumper class

Beginning Jumpers

1st Place - Rebecca Levine
2nd Place - Elise Weber
3rd Place - Emily Zoltowski
Winners of the Hunter Hack Competition

Hunter Hack

1st Place - Emily Zoltowski
2nd Place - Emily Jay
3rd Place - Tiffany Linz
Winners of the Hunter Hack Competition


1st Place - Amy Krentz
2nd Place - Amanda Bryant
3rd Place - Jessica McGill
Winners of the Heeding Competition

Congratulations to all the winners!

Prior Showmasters

To those thinking of attending: I graduated from MM/Salem with a B.S. Degree in Equestrian studies in 1983. I use daily skills and lessons I learned there. Currently I practice equine law and am tied for 2nd in the nation in USEF eventing, BN division. None of this would be possible without MM! Go as soon as you can. Your future awaits!
Brenda Renick: 1983 Riding Master III Graduate