Fall 2006 Showmasters

Overall show winner Stephanie Kleinbauer Reserve Champion for the Fall 2005 Showmasters, Brittany Watkins

Overall Champion

Amanda Zevallos

Reserve Champion

Emily Zoltowski

Dressage Events


1st Place - Katie O'Toole
2nd Place - Amanda Bryant
3rd Place - Gina MacFarlane
Winners of the Dressage Equitation Class

Rider's Choice

1st Place - Jennie Blanchflower
2nd Place - Liz Sylvester
3rd Place - Samantha Capoferri
Winners of the Dressage Equitation Class

Intro Level

1st Place - Gina MacFarlane
2nd Place - Jeanette Taormina
3rd Place - Sara Kreps
Winners of the Dressage Equitation Class

Western Events

Winners of the Western Equitation Class


1st Place - Kacey Reamer
2nd Place - Genny Kraus
3rd Place - Rachel Masa
Winners of the Western Pleasure Class

Pleasure Class

1st Place - Ashley Howald
2nd Place - Amanda Zevallos
3rd Place - Kacey Reamer
Winners of the Reining Competition

Reining Pattern

1st Place - Amanda Zevallos
2nd Place - Jewel Smith
3rd Place - Genny Kraus

Jumping Events

Debut Jumpers

1st Place - Fuschia Saarinen
2nd Place - Samantha Buncher
3rd Place - Stephanie Lindenfelser
Winners of the Debut Jumper class

Beginning Jumpers

1st Place - Rebecca Levine
2nd Place - Elise Weber
3rd Place - Emily Zoltowski
Winners of the Hunter Hack Competition

Hunter Hack

1st Place - Emily Zoltowski
2nd Place - Emily Jay
3rd Place - Tiffany Linz
Winners of the Hunter Hack Competition


1st Place - Amy Krentz
2nd Place - Amanda Bryant
3rd Place - Jessica McGill
Winners of the Heeding Competition

Congratulations to all the winners!

Prior Showmasters

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Catherine Butski: 2003 Riding Master VI Graduate