Read, Ride & Run Rewards

Meredith Manor's Read, Ride and Run Rewards program

Welcome to Read, Ride & Run! We’ve updated our popular rewards program that allows you to earn points toward Meredith Manor gear while preparing to be a student at the same time. Learn more about horses and equine management through reading. Improve your physical well being through riding and other forms of exercise such as running and walking or whatever physical activity you choose. This program is flexible and fun!

How to Activate Your Rewards Account

Read, Ride & Run is for future enrolled students, current students or alumni of Meredith Manor. If not yet a student, you can activate your rewards account by submitting your enrollment application and $100 application fee. You will receive a RR&R log book with your acceptance packet. Simply log your time, miles, activity and reads into your log book.

Current Students, Graduates and any Future Enrolled Students that don't have a log book can request a log book by emailing . If you do not reside on campus please provide your current mailing address with request.

Log Book

Our students are routinely asked to log activities and using a log book for RR&R helps prepare incoming students for systems in place at Meredith Manor. For each RR&R activity completed, make an entry. Once you’ve earned enough points, take a picture and post it to the Meredith Manor Facebook page and wait for your gear to arrive. It’s that easy!

Read, Ride and Run Rewards Program logbook page


You are welcome to read whatever educational or informative articles you choose about horses, their care, or the industry, just keep track of the number of pages you read. We also offer suggestions on our web site at There you will find a list of articles and books such as ‘The Art of Horsemanship’ and ‘The Ultimate Horse Training Guide,’ along with classic favorites such as ‘Misty of Chincoteague’ and ‘Black Beauty.’ Each item comes with a point value based on length and content. If you choose a book not listed calculate points as follows: 3 points for every 50 pages.

0.5 All Meredith Manor Articles
3 Anatomy of a Good Seat- Wendy Murdoch
3 The Effortless Rides- Wendy Murdoch
6 Klimke on Dressage- Reiner Klimke
6 The Element of Dressage: A Guide to Training the Young Horse- Kurd Albrecht Von Ziegner
6 Dressage, The Seat, Aids & Exercises- Anthony Crossley
9 True Unity- Tom Dorrance
9 Cavaletti for Dressage & Jumping- Ingrid &Reiner Klimke
9 Misty of Chincoteague- Marguerite Henry
9 Black Beauty- Anna Sewell
12 Riding Logic- W. Museler
12 Centered Riding- Sally Swift
12 The Art of Horsemanship- Xenophon
12 Master Dressage- Peter Dove
12 My Horse, My Teachers- Alois Podhajsky
12 The Horses Pain- Free Back & Saddle Fit Book- Dr. Joyce Harman
12 Balance in Movement: How to Achieve the Perfect Seat- Susanne Von Dietze
12 The Athletic Development of Dressage Horse: Manage Patterns- Charles De Kunffy
15 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider- Jec Aristotle Ballon
15 Horses Never Lie- Mark Rashid
15 Ride with Your Mind- Mary Wanless
15 Complete Training of Horse & Rider- Alois Podhajsky
18 The Ultimate Horse Behavior Training Guide- Linda Tellington Jones
18 The Natural Rider- Mary Wanless
21 80 Dollar Champion- Elizabeth Letts
21 Thunderhead- Mary O’Hara
24 Complete Guide to Horse Business Success- Janet English


We want you to spend time with horses and riding, but any activity with horses can earn you points. For every non-competitive hour riding a horse, or time spent training, volunteering or caring for a horse, you can log one point per hour.


It’s important to be physically fit while attending Meredith Manor. Every mile logged, whether it’s running or walking, can earn you a point. So can other exercise, such as the elliptical, bicycling, cross fit, rowing or whatever physical activity you choose. Log that time as one point per hour of exercise.

Points and Prizes

Points Read, Ride & Run Reward
25 Meredith Manor Pin
100 Meredith Manor Certificate Holder
250 Meredith Manor Logo Ball Cap
500 Meredith Manor Logo Towel
1,000 Meredith Manor Logo T-Shirt
2,500 Meredith Manor Logo Backpack
5,000 Meredith Manor Logo Polo Shirt
7,500 Meredith Manor Logo Saddle Pad (English/Western)
10,000 Meredith Manor Logo All Weather Jacket

  • The Read, Ride & Run Rewards program launch date is September 1, 2019. Activities completed on or after the launch date count towards the program and will not expire. Activities completed prior to the launch date will not be included.
  • Meredith Manor reserves the right to alter or terminate the rewards program at any time.

At MM I learned not only everything I needed to know about horses, but that I had the ability to pull my desire out and really put it to use.
Shelley (Fyffe) Lazo: 2003 Riding Master III Graduate