Read, Ride & Run Rewards

Meredith Manor's Read, Ride and Run Rewards program

The Read, Ride & Run Rewards Program offers Future Enrolled Students, Current Students and Graduates an opportunity to earn MM Gear while improving their equine knowledge through reading and riding along with promoting a riders physical well being through exercise.

How to Activate Your Rewards Account

If you are not a Meredith Manor Future Enrolled Student, Current Student or Graduate you can activate your rewards account by submitting your enrollment application and $100 enrollment deposit which will be applied to your tuition once you begin your program at MM. Your RR&R Log Book will be mailed with your Meredith Manor Acceptance Packet. Then just simply start logging your time, miles and reads into the log book!

Current Students, Graduates and any Future Enrolled Students that don't have a log book can request a log book by emailing . If you do not reside on campus please provide your current mailing address with request.

Log Book

Your Log book will be your way of tracking RR&R Activities. For each activity completed, make one entry in your log book. Once you have reached enough points to claim a reward, take a picture and post it to the Meredith Manor Facebook page and then just wait for your MM gear to arrive at your doorstep!

Read, Ride and Run Rewards Program logbook page


Points Title & Author
0.5 All Meredith Manor Articles
2 Anatomy of a Good Seat. Wendy Murdoch
2 The Effortless Rides. Wendy Murdoch
6 Dressage, The Seat, Aids & Exercises. Anthony Crossley
6 Klimke on Dressage. Reiner Klimke
6 The Element of Dressage: A Guide to Training the Young Horse. Kurd Albrecht Von Ziegner
8 Cavaletti for Dressage & Jumping. Ingrid & Reiner Klimke
8 True Unity. Tom Dorrance
9 Black Beauty. Walter Farley
9 Misty of Chincoteague. Marguerite Henry
9 Riding Logic. W. Museler
10 Centered Riding. Sally Swift
10 Master Dressage. Peter Dove
10 The Art of Horsemanship. Xenophon
11 Balance in Movement: How to Achieve the Perfect Seat. Susanne Von Dietze
11 My Horse, My Teachers. Alois Podhajsky
11 The Horses Pain-Free Back & Saddle Fit Book. Dr. Joyce Harman
12 101 Dressage Exercises for Horse & Rider. Jec Aristotle Ballon
12 Horses Never Lie. Mark Rashid
13 Ride with Your Mind. Mary Wanless
14 Complete Training of Horse & Rider. Alois Podhajsky
16 The Natural Rider. Mary Wanless
16 The Ultimate Horse Behavior Training Guide. Linda Tellington Jones
18 80 Dollar Champion. Elizabeth Letts
19 Thunderhead. Mary O’Hara
20 The Athletic Development of Dressage Horse: Manage Patterns. Charles De Kunffy
21 Complete Guide to Horse Business Success. Janet English


For every non-competitive hour logged on a horse, in any discipline, you will receive 1 point towards your rewards program.


For every mile you run in a non-competitive format you will receive 1 point towards your rewards program. Miles may also be logged by walking. Treadmill and Elliptical miles will be accepted.

Points and Prizes

Points Read, Ride & Run Reward
25 Meredith Manor Pin
100 Meredith Manor Logo Water Bottle
250 Meredith Manor Logo Ball Cap
500 Meredith Manor Logo Towel
1,000 Meredith Manor Logo T-Shirt
2,500 Meredith Manor Logo Backpack
5,000 Meredith Manor Logo Polo Shirt
7,500 Meredith Manor Logo Saddle Pad (English/Western)
10,000 Meredith Manor Logo All Weather Jacket

  • The Read, Ride & Run Rewards program launch date is September 1, 2016. Activities completed on or after the launch date count towards the program and will not expire. Activities completed prior to the launch date will not be included.
  • Lost log books can be replaced for $3.00, points will be started at your last verified level.
  • Meredith Manor reserves the right to alter or terminate the rewards program at any time.

I feel that every day I spent at MM made me more prepared for my future. The theory and the eye that you get from being immersed in an in-depth program really makes all the difference. I have been able to adapt what I know to any discipline, any situation.
Kelly Lagos: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate