Graduate Quotes

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A sampling of quotes from our graduates:

  • My awesome instructors at Meredith Manor not only made be a better horseman but they made me a better person. Thanks for everything!
    Kati Meyer: 2010 Riding Master III Graduate

  • Meredith Manor completely changed my life. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the instructors, teachers, and horses at MM. They gave me the skills and the knowledge to be a confident rider and trainer out in the horse industry and I'm excelling on my own with the tools they have given me.
    Samantha Capoferri: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • The manor was the best experience I have had in life. The instructors explain everything in detail and have a theory reason for the "why" in riding. I have developed riding skills far past what I thought I would be at thanks to the great instruction at the manor. Highly recomend it!
    Tiffany Linz Fagan: 2008 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • Ron has been teaching "Natural Horsemanship" before it was cool. No matter how long you have been riding, MM will improve your riding immeasurably! Appreciate that you will not be riding a "made" horse all the time and value what each horse has to teach you. It is soooo WORTH it!
    Debra Davidson Jennings: 1993 Riding Master III Graduate

  • When I left the Manor I had accumulated almost 2000 hours in the saddle under some of the finest instructors in the world. I was a new person, full of the confidence that comes with realizing a dream. I now have a solid foundation to continue on my own, to set new goals and realize new dreams.
    Kelly Lagos: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I have used the education that I attained at Meredith Manor every single day since I left in one capacity or another. It was the most useful decision I could have made.
    Derel Lee Twombly: 1980 Riding Master IV Graduate

  • I graduated in 2000 and have had incredible success in the professional world due to the skills I've learned through MM. MM showed me the way to become part of a program and learn how to see an overall picture not just its parts.
    Melissa Sliwa Humke: 2000 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • So many things have happened with my riding and career that I would never have been able to accomplish had it not been for this school. Thank you Meredith Manor, I love you all.
    Aimee Fortner: 2002 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I feel very lucky to have gone to Meredith Manor, you canít get experience like that at any other school.
    Jana Armstrong: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I feel so lucky to have spent the time I did in the Teaching department at Meredith Manor. It really helped me to discover teaching as my calling!
    Sandy Zywar: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • The manor is an incredible place!!! It gave me the confidence to live and love my career. I talk about Ron's words of wisdom constantly and I remember listening and learning from Faith's teachings.
    Amber Luce: 2007 Riding Master III Graduate

  • I think Meredith Manor is a great opportunity to gain experience and knowledge that sticks. I learned more at MM than in any other school. The staff does an AWESOME job producing excellent equestrians and hard working people for the industry.
    Kindra Warner: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • Originally I wanted to go to a university, but Meredith Manor had the most one-on-one time with instructors not to mention that you got to spend your whole day with horses. It sounded like my kind of school!
    Julie Ullom: 2005 Riding Master III Graduate

  • I am so grateful to the staff at Meredith Manor for the education you provided. It's done wonders!
    Jennifer Dinning: 2004 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • Great school to learn a lifetime of skills! Loved it and all the great connections I made!!!
    Amy Ballard: 2009 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • Meredith Manor is far more than "just" an equestrian centre. Ron and Faith, I wish for just one moment you could feel the gratitude I have for you and what MM means to me. There will always be a little bit of my heart there. Thank you for such a wonderful education in many areas of my life!
    Cynthia Moore Greene: 1992 Riding Master III Graduate

  • Meredith Manor is what every trainer in this country should be REQUIRED to attend. There is not one program that will better prepare you for a career in the industry. I have been all over the world and back riding horses and I would not have made it through 90% of it if I had not completed the entire Riding Master VI.
    Jackie Stoutenburg: 2002 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I took a job down in Georgia where I train and exercise fox hunters. It's a blast! Finding a job that fit me as much as the skills I've learned fit this job is incredible. Thank you so much for preparing me for such an amazing career.
    Michelle Dengel: 2006 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I think I am the happiest person ever. I landed my dream job as a lesson barn coordinator in the barn I grew up in! Thanks for everything Meredith Manor! You always have and always will have a huge piece of my heart.
    Gia Guidera: 1996 Riding Master Graduate

  • I have a lot of very valuable knowledge that I can use to help people. The average 21-year-old doesnít have a system, doesnít have a solid background. Other than the saddle time you spend at Meredith Manor, having that system is probably the most valuable thing you learn. You can always go back to it.
    Jana Armstrong: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I will always view attending Meredith Manor as one of the best decisions Iíve ever made and will forever remember and appreciate the people and horses that have shaped my life.
    Genny Kraus: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I love my new job! I get to work with problem horses every time I'm there, and I wouldn't have been able to handle any of them without the training, information, and help that i got at MM. Thanks again to Ron, Faith, Nancy, and everyone else for the tools you gave me to love what I do, and to do it with the strength and confidence to do it right.
    Kaleigh McGeehan: 2004 Riding Master Graduate

  • I appreciate Meredith Manor and everything that it's done to help make Samantha the young woman she's becoming.
    Parents of Samantha Buncher: 2008 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I miss Meredith Manor often and am forever grateful for the foundation you gave me and the dedication forever engrained in me for the horse industry.
    Carol Brown: 1974 Riding Master IV Graduate

  • At MM I learned not only everything I needed to know about horses, but that I had the ability to pull my desire out and really put it to use.
    Shelley (Fyffe) Lazo: 2003 Riding Master III Graduate

  • I will never forget Meredith Manor. If you want to see if you're up to a life with horses, go there. I learned so much there in a short amount of time. I'm still riding & teaching, and am barn manager at a small place. We have about 20 horses. I cannot imagine a life without horses.
    Linda Kueker Matulovich: 1975 Riding Master III Graduate

  • The progress we have seen in Erin's riding and other horse skills has been tremendous. She came to Meredith Manor without a significant amount of riding experience. Today she is a proficient rider, and the confidence she has developed in the care and training of horses is very satisfying for both of us.
    Parents of Erin McElmury: 1996 Riding Master Graduate

  • I feel that every day I spent at MM made me more prepared for my future. The theory and the eye that you get from being immersed in an in-depth program really makes all the difference. I have been able to adapt what I know to any discipline, any situation.
    Kelly Lagos: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I got students really quickly once they found out I was a Meredith Manor certified instructor. The student count went up almost before I was ready. I didnít realize what a difference it would make.
    Julie Huffman Griffin: 2003 Riding Master IV Graduate

  • I will never forget the ability Ron Meredith had to get inside a horse's head to understand the reasons for the horse's response to stimuli. I learned things at Meredith Manor that have carried me through an entire lifetime career with horses and ponies.
    Marcia (Fleming) Yeager: 1969 Graduate

  • I will always treasure the experience and education I received at Meredith Manor. To pass that along to students and horses has always been very rewarding, and I know it always will be as I watch former students pass this along to their students.
    Caroline Brower: 1981 Riding Master III Graduate

  • I have never grown as a person as I have in the past year and a half. This place changed my life!
    Emily Shiver: 2008 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • What I learned at Meredith Manor gave me the foundation to be successful in the horse industry.
    Eric Nygaard: 1981 Shoeing Short Course Graduate

  • I had a wonderful time when i was at the Manor and learned more then i could have ever imagined. It was an unforgettable experience!
    Jill (Whetsell) Wright: 2001 Riding Master III Graduate

  • To those thinking of attending: I graduated from MM/Salem with a B.S. Degree in Equestrian studies in 1983. I use daily skills and lessons I learned there. Currently I practice equine law and am tied for 2nd in the nation in USEF eventing, BN division. None of this would be possible without MM! Go as soon as you can. Your future awaits!
    Brenda Renick: 1983 Riding Master III Graduate

  • Thanks to all my instructors, you are truly amazing and if it weren't for you I would never be the success that I am now and continue to be. I am proud to be an MM graduate and would recommend the school to anyone!
    Bill Disbennett: 2002 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • Throughout my time at Meredith Manor I became a new person. With every new horse and every new quarter my confidence and skill level improved dramatically. I became a rider at Meredith Manor. My life long dreams are coming true.
    Kelly Lagos: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I love the Meredith Manor program. It's given me so much in terms of skill and confidence, it's incredible!
    Katie O'Toole: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • The Manor has not only prepared me for the horse industry, but has helped me grow into the person that I am today. I couldn't have done this anywhere else.
    Jennie Blanchflower: 2008 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I am more and more grateful for my education at Meredith Manor every day. I am convinced that my program is the best around because of the education I received there.
    Audrey Baenziger: 2011 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I had a great time at the Manor and really enjoyed my education there. More than anything I loved all of the riding theory we got there. They really care to tell you WHY you are doing what they are telling you to do. I love having the huge bank of knowledge that I was given at the Manor, and I would not trade that for anything.
    Amy Krentz Ford: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • My husband and I met at Meredith Manor and have been happily married for 16yrs! Still using everything we learned from Meredith Manor almost daily from the ranch sorting arena to giving lessons to lots of kiddos and adults!
    Tonya Sylvester: 1995 Riding Master Graduate

  • I want to thank you for the amazing education that you gave me. The fantastic amount that I learned at MM gave me a rock solid foundation that I have built on over the years. For your dedication, vision and absolute practicality I thank you!
    Bekah (Bailey) Murchison: 1992 Riding Master I Graduate

  • If you are serious about the horse industry then MM is the place to go!! Loads of hard work that pays off in the end!
    Stephanie Wittek: 1996 Riding Master Graduate

  • Recognize that you are one of the fortunate few to have a passion that you can turn into a career.
    Kim Read-Graff: 1978 Riding Master IV Graduate

  • There is no other program in which you will work as extensively on your riding skills, teaching skills, training skills and over all education than Meredith Manor.
    Bill Disbennett: 2002 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • Thanks to Meredith Manor I know how to work hard and have the knowledge to make the right choices.
    Lynn Paradysz: 1982 Riding Master III Graduate

  • I am so grateful to have experienced the Manor. You guys didn't just prepare us, you OVER prepared us for the industry. You have shown us what hard work does for you.
    Brittany Watkins: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I wouldn't trade the experiences I got from MM for the world. You gain so much knowledge, that it sets you up for a bright future after you graduate. There is no other school like it.
    Lizzy Clayboss Barker: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • Coming to the Manor has changed my life. I have learned so much and now feel comfortable to enter the horse industry. I came here not knowing if I could make a career out of this or if it was what I really wanted to do. All of the classes and staff have been amazing and proved to me that this is what I want. Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity.
    Jennie Blanchflower: 2008 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • It is amazing how time does not fade the memory of Ron, Faith and Nancy. Forever you will be remembered by me. Thank you so much for giving me something really wonderful. Your time and knowledge.
    Cynthia Moore Greene: 1992 Riding Master III Graduate

  • Meredith Manor has given me the confidence to become the best rider and teacher I can be. The knowledge I gained in my time at MM gave me a great base to start my life in the Dressage world.
    Enika Lucio Schembari: 1996 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • I learned so much from MM and I will never forget it. I am so glad that horses are my life and career, and it's because of the manor. I have an awesome job that I love and I'm still learning so much every day.
    Amanda Bryant: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • MM has opened many doors for me. As a graduate with top honors, I recommend MM to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the horse industry. Along with my fellow graduates, I have serviced top of the line facilities, run successful programs & have ridden with international riders & trainers. Thanks Meredith Manor!
    Catherine Butski: 2003 Riding Master VI Graduate

  • Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Meredith Manor! I am the assistant barn manager and head junior instructor at Concord Ridge Equestrian Center, a brand-new facility here in Southwest Michigan. I impress my bosses everyday with the knowledge I gained from my time at the manor! And I must say school was a breeze compared to my work load now! I'm very thankful to have been prepared for it and prepared correctly! Thanks once again :)
    Rachel Cadle: 2010 Riding Master III Graduate

I had a wonderful time when i was at the Manor and learned more then i could have ever imagined. It was an unforgettable experience!
Jill (Whetsell) Wright: 2001 Riding Master III Graduate