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Date: 6/22/2011
Name: Krystal West
Grad Year: 2003
Date: 6/16/2011
Name: Andrea Schinsing (Lamm)
Grad Year: 1988
Date: 5/28/2011
Name: Nancy (Sell) Worrell
Grad Year: 1979
Comments: Wondering if anyone knew how Ron Kohlhoff is doing? Haven't heard anything in about 2-3 years. Thanks!
Date: 5/27/2011
Name: Monica Sword
Grad Year: 1976
Comments: I'm trying to find a few of my 1976 classmates. Anyone have contact info for Rosemary Kidd, Annie Burke, or Loretta (Lori) Sroka?
Date: 5/6/2011
Name: Renée Ann Martinson (Slechta)
Grad Year: 1976
Comments: I'm trying to get in touch with Mary K. England & Jo Struby! December Grad!
Date: 4/10/2011
Name: Geline (kenne) St.John
Grad Year: 1996
Comments: I have been working as a riding instructor/trainer at Greenbriar Riding Academy sence 1996.
Date: 4/7/2011
Name: Lesley Farwell Pesnicak
Grad Year: 1974
Comments: I would love to hear from anyone. I am retired from my job at NIH where I worked with mice and rats instead of horses. But I have taken many lesson I learn from MM throughout my life. Are they still giving Judo lessons? I still have my year book and it's fun to look back at that time. I still give riding lessons here and there. My, How life twist and turn. I'm in Va. with a wonderful husband and 6 dogs 3 cats and a G.pig.
Date: 4/3/2011
Name: Carol (Gansz) Daniel
Grad Year: 1975
Comments: Hi everyone! I love to try and track down old friends and see what is going on. I help run a boarding stable now. Love to go trail riding. Still have an Appy and a QH.
Date: 3/31/2011
Name: Jeffry Hannaman
Grad Year: 1979
Comments: i enjoyed going to the school. I learned alot and met alot new friends.
Date: 3/24/2011
Name: Jennifer (Jones) Varner
Grad Year: 1995
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There is no other program in which you will work as extensively on your riding skills, teaching skills, training skills and over all education than Meredith Manor.
Bill Disbennett: 2002 Riding Master VI Graduate