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Ask the Students: Can Someone Attend Meredith Manor with Limited Riding Experience?

This Ask the Students question comes from Autumn Marie Morris:

“Do any students go into Meredith Manor with little riding knowledge or experience?”

Student responses include:

  • "I actually think it was beneficial for me because I didn’t come in with any bad habits that I needed to change and the instructors really worked with your level of experience and helped you progress."
  • "I don’t feel I’ve learned any slower than other students that came in with horse experience, I just didn’t have any preconceptions that I might have to change."
  • "I don’t feel like not having any experience hindered me in any way, it kind of left things as a blank slate for the instructors to be able to fill in, and there’s less for them to have to fix."

Ask the Students: What do you think of Meredith Manor?

This Ask the Students question comes from Sarah Candee:

"What do you guys think of the college? I have been looking into Meredith Manor for a while now, and it seems perfect."

Two current students give their reviews. Enjoy!

Ask the Students: Should I bring my horse to MM?

This Ask the Students question comes from Tiara Peterson:

"Should I invest in adopting a horse now and board there- or use one of the schools horses/students horses? (I don't own a horse)"

Graduate Claudia Boyle gives us an insightful answer. Enjoy!

Ask the Students: What's a typical day like at MM?

This Ask the Students question comes from Kenneth Klein:

"Are the hours like 12 hrs days?"

Three Meredith Students, from the Riding Master, Equine Science Master, and Equine Science Master: Farrier Emphasis programs, describe their typical daily schedule at Meredith Manor.

Ask the Students: Where can I get tack on a limited budget?

This Ask the Students question comes from Amber Ratliff:

“Where is a good place to get the required tack on an extremely limited budget?”

Student responses include:

  • "Ask local barns, family members, or anybody you know that rides horses. Everybody has something to get rid of and they’ll usually sell it for pretty cheap."
  • "Leslie’s Tack Solutions, eBay, and Fine-Used-Saddles.com. I was able to find wonderful prices that fit within my budget. The saddles you can have shipped to you, ride in them, and send them back if they’re not what you want."
  • "eBay!!!"
    MM Students

Ask the Students: Do any students live off campus?

This Ask the Students question comes from Kathleen Tyrrell:

"Do any of the current students live off campus because they have families and kids? If so how do you balance it all, and are there any good daycares or in home child care providers?"

Two Meredith Students with families and children explain how they balance school and family.

Ask the Students: Do Any Students Get Four-Year Degrees Prior to Attending Meredith Manor?

This Ask the Students question comes from Jordyn Clutter:

“Do any students get a degree at a traditional four year school, then decide to go to Meredith Manor and make a career of the horse industry instead?”

Student responses include:

  • "I feel that I need to follow my passion in life and in my work in order to be successful and I found that although my degrees were very worthwhile and led to the good jobs that I got after college, I wasn’t satisfied with that."
  • "If you already have a four year college degree but don’t feel like that’s making you successful in your career, then you should definitely look into a more non-traditional approach at a place like Meredith Manor to get your equine career going."
    Claudia Boyle
  • "I think it was helpful to get my four year degree before coming to Meredith Manor because I was prepared to work, I knew that this is what I wanted to do, I was organized, and I was motivated."
    Mikki Fallow

Improve Your Twenty Meter Circles: Video Tip

If you like to ride Dressage chances are you know the joys of the 20 meter circles. If you have been looking for an efficient way to school your shape, Sam has a new exercise for you to try. Enjoy and Happy Circling!

Polo Wraps and Boots: Video Tip

Sam breaks down several types of leg protection for our equine partner and how to put them on the horse. She covers polo wraps, a staple here at Meredith Manor, brushing boots, splint boots, open front boots and sports medicine boots. Enjoy and remember: Velcro to the back!

Spring Shedding: Video Tip

Sam shares some of her favorite tools to help your horses shed this Spring and get rid of that Winter hair. She covers some fairly new to the market grooming supplies whose innovated technologies have made shedding season a breeze! Enjoy and Happy Shedding!

Differences Between the Three English Saddles: Video Tip

Dressage, Jumping and All Purpose. Whats the difference? Why do you need one or the other at all? How can I tell if this is what I need or good quality? These answers and more in this week's Tip of the Week!

Helmet Fitting: Video Tip

This weeks video tip, helmet fitting, describes how to properly fit your riding helmet.

Key takeaways:

  • Be sure the helmet fits snuggly, right above the eyebrows. When shaking your head, it shouldn't move around. When turning your head upside down, it should stay on without the help of the chin strap.
  • The chin strap should fit snuggly as well, with room for about one finger underneath the chin.
  • Some helmet brands fit different skull shapes better than others.
  • Troxel helmets are affordable, safe, and adjustable.
  • If you ever hit your head in a fall, you need to replace your helmet.

Happy helmeting!

Training Braids: Video Tip

This weeks video tip, training braids, describes how to use training braids to tame your horse's mane so that it lies flat and on one side of your horse's neck.

Key takeaways:

  • You'll need an open, well lit work space, a step stool, a comb, and rubber bands.
  • First comb out the mane, removing all knots and tangles, leaving the entire mane on one side of the neck.
  • Next, section out the amount you want for your first braid. Training braids will be wider than show braids. Braid the section, pull tight, and apply the rubber band.
  • You only need to braid the part of the mane that doesn't naturally lie on the desired side of the neck.
  • Leave the braids in for about a week, or until your horse rubs them out, then redo them.

Happy braiding!

Fitting the Bridle to Your Horse: Video Tip

This weeks video tip, fitting the bridle to your horse, describes the differences in the three most common types of bridles used by students at Meredith Manor, and shows you how to properly fit each style to your horse's head.

The types of bridles covered includes:

  • Cavesson with Flash,
  • Drop Noseband, and
  • Figure Eight (also called Grackle or Mexican Noseband)

Key takeaways include:

  • Always start by putting the reins over your horse's head, especially in an open area.
  • Cavesson with Flash
    • Put the cavesson underneath the cheek pieces, at least one finger width below the cheek bone. When tightening, leave one finger width underneath the jaw.
    • Place the flash in front of the bit leaving about one finger width underneath.
    • Close the throat latch leaving room to fit four fingers underneath the jaw.
  • Drop Noseband
    • Attach the drop noseband in front of or over the bit, making sure it is sitting up on the bone of the nose, not on soft flesh, leaving one finger width underneath.
    • Close the throat latch leaving room to fit four fingers underneath the jaw.
    • You can identify a drop noseband by the metal rings attached to the leather.
  • Figure Eight (aka Grackle Noseband or Mexican Noseband)
    • The top straps, those underneath the cheek, should run parallel with the cheekbone with the ring staying above the bottom of the cheekbone.
    • Adjust the lower strap in front of the bit.
    • Leave a finger width for both the top and bottom straps and leave four fingers underneath of the jaw for the throat latch.
    • You can identify a figure eight by the big, fluffy piece in the center and two rings up high on the cavesson.

Happy bridling!

There is no other program in which you will work as extensively on your riding skills, teaching skills, training skills and over all education than Meredith Manor.
Bill Disbennett: 2002 Riding Master VI Graduate