Farrier School: students learn how to become a farrier at Meredith Manor.

Meredith Manor Farrier School

At Meredith Manor Farrier School, our programs offer you a chance to have a satisfying career in the equine industry. You will study the basic principles of horseshoeing that will be the foundation for your career as a professional farrier. We will give you both the theoretical knowledge and the practical hands-on experience you will need in order to deal with the day-to-day demands you will face in the industry. Our farrier students have access to our approximately 145 school horses of varying breeds, disciplines, and training levels to study and learn from.

A good horseshoer is required to have a basic understanding of many areas including craftsmanship (involving skills with tools and iron work), equine anatomy, business concepts, and public relations. Our program is designed to allowFarrier school student appropriate time to focus on these areas. Courses are set up to cover a 12-week or 36-week period, both of which correspond with the school calendar. After successfully completing our program, you will have the background necessary to pursue certification at many levels. Our goal is to give your career the head start it needs to achieve long-lasting success.

Recognize that you are one of the fortunate few to have a passion that you can turn into a career.
Kim Read-Graff: 1978 Riding Master IV Graduate