Farrier courses available through Meredith Manor Farrier School.

Farrier Courses

Forging Courses at Meredith Manor


Students will gain knowledge in the proper use and maintenance of forging tools. The class will cover basic forging operations and hammer control. Students will learn to shape keg shoes and keg shoe modifications, make handmade plain stamped shoes, make handmade fullered shoes, forge welding bar shoes, and make handmade tools. Course Details

Farrier Craftsmanship I

Craftsmanship I is an introduction to shoeing. This class is geared to all horse individuals. Students evaluate shoeing jobs, learn proper trimming, shape factory shoes, and start the nailing process. Science portion of class covers the basic anatomy of the hoof and limb. Course Details

Farrier Courses taught at Meredith Manor

Farrier Craftsmanship II

This level is geared towards developing a working knowledge of the craft. Students work more hands-on. The emphasis of this class is on shoe shaping, leveling, and fitting the factory shoe. Students also begin using the forge to modify the factory shoes. Science class covers hoof diseases. Course Details

Farrier Craftsmanship III

At this level Students begin working more independently with the objective of completing tasks. They continue using the forge to modify factory shoes and begin on basic handmade plates. Lectures held on farrier science and basic business objectives. Course Details

Horse leg disection in a farrier course

Farrier Craftsmanship IV

Students continue shoeing, using factory and modified shoes. Students work on their Horsemanship along with their shoeing. Concepts developed in this class are an understanding of the basic gaits, movement interference, and practical approaches to diagnosing lameness. Students also continue working with the forge shaping factory and handmade plates. Course Details

Farrier Craftsmanship V

Students continue shoeing, developing good shoeing strategies and establishing a routine in the shoe shaping, leveling and fitting tasks. Students also continue to work on their knowledge of farrier science and their Horsemanship skills. Tools and different designs are studied and new products are discussed and evaluated. Course Details

Farrier Craftsmanship VI

Students continue shoeing, and begin assisting with the lower levels of instruction to develop communication skills necessary for future dealings with customers and their horses. Concepts covered in this class are shoeing regulations, national farrier exams, certifications, and standards. Course Details

After completion of Farrier Craftsmanship VI, students will have the basic knowledge to test at a National Certification offered by any Farrier Association. Different farrier associations will have different requirements.

In addition to our farrier courses, our farrier students have the opportunity to take Career Area electives to broaden their knowledge and help make them more well rounded equine professionals.

I learned so much from MM and I will never forget it. I am so glad that horses are my life and career, and it's because of the manor. I have an awesome job that I love and I'm still learning so much every day.
Amanda Bryant: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate