Fort Arena

Dr. Meredith helping a student in Horse Training I class.

In your first quarter of training you will see that the methods used to train horses of different disciplines will begin by using the training methods of Dressage. Training I, a class taught by Dr. Ron Meredith, is a very important class that will allow you to observe horse behaviors while learning about training philosophies, horse psychology and some history of the horse industry.

Usually held in the Fort Arena, Training I allows Dr. Meredith to answer questions inside Fort Arenaand help students understand that training is done one step at a time. This two-hour class showcases students and staff with horses at different stages in the training process, and can give you a better understanding of what is expected of you as a rider/trainer. As you advance as a training student you will develop an awareness of techniques used to train horses, you will explore characteristics of horse temperament and their physical capabilities, and you will apply skills learned in training classes through hands-on experience with a suitable training colt.

The Fort Arena also houses many of our private or semi-private riding classes.

Fort Arena

We will now move down the road to T & B Arena, another one of Meredith Manor's seven indoor arenas.

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The MM instructors are accomplished professionals who are caring and supportive, but they will also push you harder than you thought you could be pushed and they will expect the best from you. If you are dedicated, it will be the best education you ever receive. I am graduating from law school this May and still find myself looking back on my MM education as some of the most valuable I ever received.
Jamie Hossa: 1996 Riding Master III Graduate