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Meredith Manor instructor Jen Varner. An equestrian career college providing students an equestrian education.

Administrative Staff & Faculty

Ronald W. Meredith, D.S.

Ronald W. Meredith, D.S.: President / Instructor

Dr. Meredith has over fifty years experience as president of the school and has developed it from its humble beginnings of six students in 1963 to its current world class level.

Because of his outstanding contributions to the horse industry and specifically to equine education, he has received a number of distinctive recognitions including an Honorary Doctorate of Equestrian Studies Degree from Salem College in 1981, the only degree of this kind in the world.

Dr. Meredith has held seven AHSA judges' cards and has trained top level horses and riders in the cutting and reining world. He has had over 75 articles published in over 150 equine magazines & journals.

Faith Meredith

Faith F. Meredith: Director / Instructor

Faith has over fourty years experience as a professional in the horse industry. She has successfully competed and trained horses and riders through FEI levels of Dressage.

Faith holds a BS Degree in education and has had over 30 articles published in more than 150 equine magazines and journals.

Jennifer Varner

Jennifer Varner: Head of Western Dept / Instructor

Jennifer is a Riding Master VI graduate of Meredith Manor and a Certified Riding Instructor. She successfully trains and competes in Reining. Jennifer is the Head of the Western Department at Meredith Manor.

John Crothers

John Crothers: Head of Farrier Dept / Instructor

John is a Certified Farrier through the American Farriers Association. Before coming to teach at Meredith Manor, he owned and operated his own farrier business for nine years working in conjunction with many veterinarians and other farriers. He also worked with other farrier schools to develop their programs and curriculum. John also holds an Associate's degree from Hocking College in Back Country Horsemanship. John is the Head of the Farrier Department at Meredith Manor.

Walter R. Threlfall, DVM, MS, PhD

Walter R. Threlfall, DVM, MS, PhD: Equine Breeding Instructor

Dr. Walter R. Threlfall is a consulting theriogenologist and professor emeritus at the Ohio State University (OSU) College of Veterinary Medicine. He has had a long career at OSU, serving as the director of continuing education at the school and head of the theriogenology area of the OSU Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences.

Dr. Threlfall received his DVM degree from the Ohio State University and a masterís in veterinary medicine and surgery as well as a Ph.D. in reproductive physiology from the University of Missouri where he also completed a residency in theriogenology. He is board certified by the American College of Theriogenologists (ACT) as well as an ACT past president. He served for seven years as the delegate to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) representing the Society for Theriogenology and currently is AVMA Vice President and the delegate to the AVMA representing the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Threlfall has spoken at over 250 state, national and international meetings, and has published more than 80 scientific articles and more than 50 chapters in numerous textbooks. He has advised over 40 graduate students and residents. He has been honored for his teaching techniques both locally and nationally and has received educational grants to explore improved methods of instruction.

Kaitlyn Glatt

Kaitlyn Glatt: Instructor

Kaitlyn is a Riding Master VI graduate. She earned Level III Training certification, Level I Teaching certification, and Equine Massage Therapy certification. After graduation she worked at a boarding training facility where she taught lessons and trained horses. Most recently she trained rescue Arabians at a private facility.

Carrie Allman

Carrie Allman: Instructor

Carrie is a Riding Master VI graduate who holds an Equine Massage Therapy certification, Training certification, and Teaching certification. After graduating from Meredith Manor, Carrie went on to get her Bachelor's degree from WVU-P with an emphasis in Equine Studies. Carrie then spent a year working under Brian Mac Mahon and Eugene Abello at their dressage training farm, Sword from the Stone Farm, as a working student and barn manager.

Lisa Jensen

Lisa Jensen: Instructor

Lisa is a Riding Master VI graduate of Meredith Manor and holds a Level II Leatherworking certification and Level I Training certification. Since leaving Meredith Manor Lisa first trained as a working student with Nancy Later, then spent two years running the private farm Dragonfly Sporthorses in Wellington, Florida.

Kristen Bosgraf

Kristen Bosgraf: Director of Admissions

Kristen is a Riding Master VI graduate of Meredith Manor and Certified Instructor. She taught and trained in South Carolina before returning to join the staff as an Admissions Representative. Kristen has successfully competed in AQHA and open shows throughout West Virginia, Ohio, and Illinois. She also participates in continuing education in Admissions and Financial Aid.

Matt Bosgraf

Matt Bosgraf: Financial Aid Director / Business Manager

Matt holds a BS Degree in Business Administration from West Virginia University in Parkersburg. He has also participated in continuing education in Financial Aid.

Janie Crothers

Janie Crothers: Financial Aid Officer

Janie holds a BS in Accounting from Wheeling Jesuit University and a MBA from Baker College. Before joining Meredith Manor, she worked in public accounting for over 7 years.


  • Ronald W. Meredith, D.S.
  • Faith F. Meredith
  • Kelly Bosgraf
  • Matt Bosgraf
  • Elizabeth Hammerman, ED.D.
  • Virginia Preston

I think I am the happiest person ever. I landed my dream job as a lesson barn coordinator in the barn I grew up in! Thanks for everything Meredith Manor! You always have and always will have a huge piece of my heart.
Gia Guidera: 1996 Riding Master Graduate