Prospective Students

Fitness Test

In order to verify a candidate’s physical strength, coordination and agility for their own welfare and the welfare of the horses in our program, all applicants must take a fitness test administered by a Meredith Manor staff member prior to beginning their program.

The test consists of four items:

  1. Complete a one mile run in 13 minutes or less.
  2. Maintain the high plank (top of pushup) position for one minute.
    • Begin in the high plank position with your palms and toes on the floor.
    • Keep your torso straight and rigid and your body in a straight line from ears to toes with no sagging or bending.
    • Keep your head in a relaxed position looking at the floor.
    • Hold this position for one minute.
  3. Perform a wall sit for one minute.
    • Start with your back against the wall with your feet shoulder width apart.
    • Slide your back down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
    • Adjust your feet so your knees are directly above your ankles not your toes.
    • Keep your back flat against the wall.
    • Extend your arms straight out parallel to the ground.
    • Hold this position for one minute.
  4. Step up on a 22.5" block 10 times with each leg in two minutes or less.
    • Starting behind the block, step onto the block with your right foot only.
    • Momentarily pause at the top balancing on one leg.
    • Step down.
    • Repeat ten times with each leg, alternating legs as you go.
    • While lifting do not hold or pull on any item, you may place your finger tips against the wall to steady yourself.
    • Complete in two minutes or less.

If an applicant fails any portion of the fitness test they must:

  • Pass an individual assessment with a Meredith Manor instructor prior to enrolling in any classes involving mounted work including riding and training classes. The individual assessment may be retaken at the start of each quarter.
  • Participate in a Meredith Manor fitness course until they are able to pass all portions of the fitness test. The fitness test may be retaken at the start of each quarter.

Prior to arrival on campus, all incoming students are required to successfully complete a self-administered fitness test. Upon successful completion of all four portions of the test, please complete and return this form.

Self-Administered Fitness Test Verification Form

I will always treasure the experience and education I received at Meredith Manor. To pass that along to students and horses has always been very rewarding, and I know it always will be as I watch former students pass this along to their students.
Caroline Brower: 1981 Riding Master III Graduate