Tuition and Fees

Fee Payment Schedule

Tuition and fees are payable as a $100 admission fee at time of enrollment and the balance at time of registration. The admission fee is nonrefundable, unless requested within three business days of signing the enrollment agreement. All tuition and fees must be paid in United States currency; acceptable payment methods include cash, checks, and credit card. Federal financial aid is available to qualified applicants - for more information see the Financial Aid page.

Financial aid students are responsible for the balance of any tuition not covered by financial aid at registration. Monthly payment plans may be set up if arranged prior to registration and approved by the Business Manager. Anyone making monthly payments must be set up to cover all costs in full prior to graduation date.

Costs: Fall 2017 - Summer 2022

Program Length Tuition Room & Board
Riding Master I 12 Weeks $9,342 $1,377
Riding Master II 12 Weeks $9,342 $1,377
Riding Master III 12 Weeks $9,342 $1,377
36 Week Comp. Riding Master III 36 Weeks $28,026 $4,131
Riding Master IV 12 Weeks $9,342 $1,377
Riding Master V 12 Weeks $9,342 $1,377
Riding Master VI 12 Weeks $9,342 $1,377
36 Week Comp. Riding Master VI 36 Weeks $28,026 $4,131
Equine Science Master 36 Weeks $21,249 $4,131
Shoeing Short Course 12 Weeks $7,725 $1,377

For information on our different programs, visit the Programs pages.

Breakdown of Costs
Course Hours / Week Cost / Quarter
Riding 4 $1,778
Career Area 8 $2,209
Theory 2 $546
Showing 3 $822
Farrier Working Case Study 4 $1,098

Other Fees

  • Breeding Class: $325 lab fee
  • Teaching III: $30 lab fee
  • Leather Working toolkit: $145
  • Leather Working lab fee: $225
  • Lab fees cover materials and supplies provided in class and are due in full at the start of each quarter. Students may not participate in class until the lab fee has been paid.
  • Farrier Craftsmanship: required text - Gregory's Textbook of Farriery by Chris Gregory cost: $105 (can be purchased through Meredith Manor)
  • Farrier Craftsmanship: Hoof Knife - The Knife Classic brand recommended: cost $34 (can be purchased through Meredith Manor)
  • Room & Board: there is an additional $450 / quarter fee for students living in special housing

Room Deposits/Dormitory Damage: $75.00 room and key deposit is required for all students living in the dormitories. The deposit will be refunded to the student when they move out of the dormitory if the room key is turned in, there is no damage or vandalism to the room, and they are paid in full. Any damage done to the dormitory rooms is the financial responsibility of all students living in the dormitory unless the administration is made aware of the specific person or persons causing the damage. Costs for all damage will be determined by the cost of repair and will be billed to the responsible person(s) or divided equally among all residents.

Bad Checks: There is a $20.00 charge for any returned check.

Room & Board: Any student living on campus at the start of any quarter will be charged for room and board for the full quarter.

Cafeteria: All students living on campus are required to pay room and board charges. These charges include meals served in the school cafeteria. The cafeteria serves three meals per day Monday - Friday. Brunch and dinner are served on Saturdays and Sundays. Students pay the same fee for room and board regardless of whether they attend all meals. Students living off campus can purchase individual meal plans for $300 per meal per quarter.

Horse Board: A fee of $250.00 per month is charged for student horses used in the program. If the student wishes to be the only one to use the horse, the charge will be $400 per month. Any medication or vet charges are the responsibility of the student.

Personal Expenses: Students are personally responsible for providing their own transportation while enrolled in the program. Spending allowances should include money for laundry, movies, snacks and personal hygiene items.

Transfer Fee: Any student who has paid a $100 application fee and enrolled in a course who wishes to change his starting date to another quarter must send a $25.00 transfer fee (non-refundable) and fill out a new enrollment agreement. The $100 application fee will then be transferred to the new starting date.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed our programs and other important information, please view our program disclosures.

Ron has been teaching "Natural Horsemanship" before it was cool. No matter how long you have been riding, MM will improve your riding immeasurably! Appreciate that you will not be riding a "made" horse all the time and value what each horse has to teach you. It is soooo WORTH it!
Debra Davidson Jennings: 1993 Riding Master III Graduate