Students at Meredith Manor are prepared for successful, equestrian careers.

Philosophy & Objectives

Students preparing for an equestrian career as an equine massage therapist.

Meredith Manorís mission is to provide our students with the critical skills necessary to enjoy life-long careers in the technically demanding horse industry. We are committed to teaching these skills through a primarily hands-on, skill based education which will enable our students to deal with horses in all aspects of the industry in the most humane manner, without the use of force or punishment.

Meredith Manor provides a climate of learning in which each student may identify and accomplish his or her own goals within the context of a dynamic academic and pragmatic program. We are old enough to have developed workable teaching systems; big enough to have excellent facilities; and progressive enough to be the most copied institution in the horse industry. Practical, progressive, professional programs are why Meredith Manor means more Saleable Skills.

Our aim is to continue Old World Training with New World Innovation. If there are methods, there can be freedom. If there is consistency, there can be change. If there is a system, it can be repeated. If there is knowledge, with understanding, it can be transferred. These are the cornerstones of theory and practice at Meredith Manor, both in its management and in its capacity as an educational institution.

To this end, Meredith Manor:

  • Maintains a staff of exceptionally dedicated, experienced and trained instructors.
  • Employs methods of instruction and modes of operation which constantly challenge student's academic progress, skills and social growth.
  • Continues to build on fifty years of research on the development of programs and curricula required to give students the training, experience and confidence needed for future equestrian careers.
  • Utilizes current state of the art educational teaching methods.

In the Meredith Manor programs, students will:

  1. Acquire knowledge in general and specific areas of the horse industry which will enable them to understand and apply principles to equestrian careers. Students take required core courses relating to the care and maintenance of horses and facilities. Career areas chosen provide specific knowledge and skills to develop an area of specialization.
  2. Develop skills necessary to function successfully in careers in the horse industry. Riding skills are developed in Western, Jumping, and Dressage. Students progress through a carefully designed and executed program that takes them from their current riding level through a sequential riding skill development program. Professional skills are developed in Career Areas that will enable students to become gainfully employed in Career Areas of their choice.
  3. Formulate attitudes that will enable them to function with confidence in the industry. The students' understanding of the concepts and importance of life-long learning along with the development of an attitude of professionalism should enable them to function well with horses in their chosen Career Areas and to relate well with people in the industry.

I had a great time at the Manor and really enjoyed my education there. More than anything I loved all of the riding theory we got there. They really care to tell you WHY you are doing what they are telling you to do. I love having the huge bank of knowledge that I was given at the Manor, and I would not trade that for anything.
Amy Krentz Ford: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate