Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre
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Enrollment Agreement
Student Application for Enrollment
Tuition, Fees, and Refund Policies (effective Fall 2012)

Equine Science Certificate Awarded: Equine Science Master Curriculum
Master Time Required: 36 Weeks (9) Career Areas
Quarter Credits: 102 (1) Theory
(1) Showing
(3) Horse & Barn Care

Starting Quarter Fall 13 - Summer 14 Fall 14 - Summer 15 Fall 15 - Summer 16
Program Cost: $19,458 $20,037 $20,637
Deposit: $100 $100 $100
Balance Less Deposit: $19,358 $19,937 $20,537
I intend to pay with:
  Cash   Check   Credit Card   Financial Aid   Combination

First Name Middle Name Last Name
Street Address
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Birth Date Last 4 of SSN Sex Height Weight
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Parent/Guardian Relationship
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I earned my High School Diploma on the following date:
I earned my G.E.D. on the following date:
I am attending high school, am in good academic standing, and will graduate on the following date:

My High School Transcript Release:
I hereby authorize the release of my high school transcript (including my rank in class, my physical education grades, my record of absences, and proof of graduation) to Meredith Manor in consideration of my application for enrollment.
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Signature of Applicant and Signature of Parent/Guardian will go here

I wish to enter Meredith Manor in the month/year of
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I hereby make application in the Equine Science Master program at Meredith Manor for the term beginning with projected graduation on and agree, if accepted, to conform to the rules and regulations of the School with regard to conduct and discipline. Violations of such rules will, I understand, result in campus restriction or dismissal; nonpayment of fees will result in dismissal.

It is understood by the parties hereto that the agreement completely states the contract between the applicant and the School, and that no other representation has been made, that the applicant has received and read the school catalog and website, and the provisions, terms and conditions stated in such catalog and website are incorporated herein and made a part of this application and agreement by reference. It is further understood that this Enrollment is not binding until signed and dated by the School to signify enrollment. I understand that once completed and signed by both parties, this Enrollment becomes a legal and binding contract. I verify that I have read and understood this agreement and I understand I will receive a copy of this signed and executed agreement.

If you have any questions please call: (304)679-3128 or (800)679-2603

Accepted for enrollment in the Equine Science Master program at Meredith Manor

Signature of Applicant and Director of Admissions will go here.

Program Start Dates:

Year 2013-2014 Year 2014-2015
Fall 2013 Quarter - September 9, 2013 Fall 2014 Quarter - September 8, 2014
Winter 2013 Quarter - December 2, 2013 Winter 2014 Quarter - December 1, 2014
Spring 2014 Quarter - March 10, 2014 Spring 2015 Quarter - TBD
Summer 2014 Quarter - June 9, 2014 Summer 2015 Quarter - TBD

Classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Classes begin at 7:00 a.m. and end by 8:00 p.m. Evening classes are sometimes scheduled in the Summer Quarters. Individual class times will depend on courses chosen by the student.

Refund Policy:

Meredith Manor will use the Pro-Rata Refund Policy for all First Time Students:
All monies paid by the applicant will be refunded if requested within three business days of signing the Enrollment Agreement. If an applicant cancels after three business days, does not begin the program at the start of scheduled classes, or withdraws during the first week of classes the School will refund all monies paid, less $100.00 administrative fee. If an applicant is rejected for enrollment, the School will refund all monies paid. If the program is cancelled subsequent to student enrollment, all monies will be refunded. If a student completes more than one week, but less than fifty percent (50%) of the period of enrollment for which the student was charged, 10% - 50% of the stated tuition, room and board charges will be withheld plus $100.00 administrative fee. This will not exceed the pro-rata portion for the training the student has completed, plus ten percent (10%) of the unearned tuition for the period of training that was not completed. The pro-rata amount will be computed by using the ratio of the number of weeks of instruction completed to the total number of weeks of instruction scheduled. Any portion of a week completed will be computed as a full week. After fifty percent (50%) of the program is completed, there is no refund due and the student owes for the entire cost of the program. Meredith Manor will exclude from refund an administrative fee of $100.00. Refunds due students leaving school after entering the program will be made within 20 days from the determination date of the studentís withdrawal.

Return of Title IV Funds:

Effective October 1, 2000 the law now specifies how each school must determine the amount of Student Financial Aid program assistance that a student earns if the student withdraws. Meredith Manor will calculate the amount of Title IV aid that was earned based on a payment period basis. Refunds will continue to be calculated by the enrollment period as stated in the Refund Policy. The student will be obligated for any tution, fees, books, or equipment not covered by Title IV Funds.

Distribution Priority of Refunds and Repayments due:
  1. FFEL Loans: Unsubsidized Stafford, Subsidized Stafford, Plus
  2. Federal Direct Loans: Unsubsidized Stafford, Subsidized Stafford, Plus
  3. Federal Pell Grant Programs
  4. Other Federal, State, Private Aids
  5. The Student

Written Notice of Termination:

Students wishing to terminate attendance at Meredith Manor are requested to submit to the Admissions Office written notice to this effect, signed by the student; or if the student is not 18 years of age, by the parent or guardian. If written notice is not received, the School will assume the date of termination to be the date of the last class attended. Refund and the signed "Acknowledgment of Refund and Release" form will be mailed within 20 days of termination.

Placement Policy:

Employment or job placement upon successful completion of the Program is neither implied or guaranteed by the School, however, Meredith Manor will make every reasonable effort to obtain employment interviews and provide recommendations for it's graduates.

Accidents or Loss:

Meredith Manor does not maintain insurance for personal injury to students, or for loss or theft of personal items. We advise students to maintain their own medical and personal property insurance coverage while at Meredith Manor.

Fees and Payment:

Tuition and fees are payable as a $100.00 deposit at time of enrollment and the balance at time of registration. The deposit is non-refundable, unless requested within three business days of signing the enrollment agreement. All tuition and fees must be paid in United States Currency. Any student not paying in full at registration must have a payment plan approved by the School prior to registration. All Financial Aid students must have approval from the Financial Aid Office showing all financial aid is in place prior to registration.

Extra Costs:

Class Fee Covers
Equine Breeding $325.00 Lab Fee
Leather Working $145.00 Toolkit
Leather Working $225.00 Lab Fee
Teaching III $30.00 Lab Fee
Farrier Craftsmanship $105.00 Textbook - "Gregoryís Textbook of Farriery"
by Chris Gregory
Farrier Craftsmanship $34.00 Hoof Knife - Anvil Brand "The Knife"

All fees for classes with extra costs are due the first day of class. All fees or extra costs are not refundable after completion of the first week of classes. All tools and supplies covered under fees are the property of the students once the fee has been paid.

Personal Expenses:

Students are personally responsible for providing their own transportation while enrolled in the program. Spending allowances should include money for laundry, movies, snacks, and personal hygiene items.

Transfer Fee:

Any student who has paid a $100.00 deposit and enrolled in a program who wishes to change his/her starting date to another quarter must send a $25.00 transfer fee (non-refundable) and fill out a new Enrollment Agreement. The $100.00 deposit will then be transferred to the new starting date.

Revised 1/2014

I feel that every day I spent at MM made me more prepared for my future. The theory and the eye that you get from being immersed in an in-depth program really makes all the difference. I have been able to adapt what I know to any discipline, any situation.
Kelly Lagos: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate