Teaching IV - VI

Course Name: Teaching IV - VI

Prerequisites: Successful Completion of Teaching III for Teaching IV, Teaching IV for Teaching V, and Teaching V for Teaching VI


Teaching IV: Teaching IV provides students with further opportunities to apply and refine their teaching skills. At this point, students are expected to specialize in a riding discipline or content area. They work closely with a Meredith Manor Instructor to increase knowledge and develop skills based on individual needs and interest. Students are expected to continue to develop their professional goals and complete independent projects. The objective is for teaching students to begin to take leadership roles as directors and coordinators of various teaching programs and activities from this point on in Teaching.

Teaching V: Teaching V is available to students who have successfully completed Teaching I - IV. Teaching V is a continuation of the individual student's study and practical application of skills. Students are expected to participate fully in a program of study. This class allows students to complete hands on teaching projects to further develop the necessary skills to become a quality instructor. Emphasis is on the development of competencies and skills for teaching at the intermediate level. Students are actively involved in all aspects of the teaching process. At this level, students are given the opportunity to create workshops, clinics, and programs of study which they then implement and evaluate.

Teaching VI: Teaching VI is available to students who have successfully completed Teaching I - V. Teaching VI focuses on preparing the students for professional jobs in the horse industry and helping them further develop a professional portfolio that reflects their unique skills, abilities, and educational background. Students may also assist and teach Theory and Showing classes participating in all aspects of the instructional process. Students are expected to complete learning projects and set professional goals.

Weekly Topics:

Teaching IV-VI is structured to be an independent learning experience for each student. The courses build on the skills learned in Teaching I-III. Students apply the concepts and skills learned in the foundation courses to more advanced instructional settings. Students continue to develop the skills of effective teaching while developing themselves as competent professionals.

Each student will complete three projects during each new quarter. Projects goals and procedures will be discussed with instructor early in the quarter. Projects will be developed throughout the remainder of the quarter. Aspects of the projects will be implemented, as appropriate. The three projects are:

  • An internship with a Meredith Manor senior instructor; a daily journal is required
  • A paper project related to objectives of the teaching courses
  • A hands-on Teaching Project

Performance Objectives:
Following successful completion of the Teaching IV-VI course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the specific characteristics of successful instructors in the horse industry
  • Demonstrate a greater understanding of the role of the professional; demonstrate the ability to apply standards of the industry for instructors
  • Demonstrate a greater level of precision and accuracy in communication skills
  • Demonstrate arena management skills
  • Identify connections between theory and practice and apply these principles to their more advanced lessons
  • Analyze lessons and be able to modify methods and strategies to meet the instructional needs of a learner
  • Demonstrate a greater understanding of career goals using evidence from projects and portfolios

In order for students to acquire the knowledge and skills of Teaching IV-VI, the instructor will use guided practice and individualized instruction. In addition, students will continue to make observations of professional educators in the school program through internships; they will observe students of a variety of levels in all riding disciplines; and they will plan and teach lessons.

Students will be evaluated on their knowledge & skills through projects and products:

  • Portfolio and journal checks
  • Internships
  • Lesson plans for instructed lessons
  • Lesson deliveries
  • Elected project

Grading will also be based on participation. Informal assessments will be used to guide the teaching/learning process. Quality of projects, lesson plans, and lesson techniques, and participation will be used to evaluate student performance.

Riding Instructor Certification

I learned so much from MM and I will never forget it. I am so glad that horses are my life and career, and it's because of the manor. I have an awesome job that I love and I'm still learning so much every day.
Amanda Bryant: 2007 Riding Master VI Graduate