Leather Working I

Course Name: Leather Working I

Prerequisites: None

Leather Working I is an introduction to leather working. There is a primary focus on strap work as found in horse tack. Projects are designed to develop and demonstrate leather working skills. Students will perform repairs to tack as projects are available.

Weekly Topics:

Week 1-2. Hand stitching; hand stitch single ply leather project; hand stitch double ply leather project
Week 3-4. Leather working tools; utility knife holder project; round knife holder project
Week 5-6. Leather belt project
Week 7-8. Hardware; lead strap project; repairs
Week 9-12. Stamping / carving; halter project; repairs

Performance Objectives:
Following successful completion of Leather Working I the student will be able to:

  • Identify appropriate leather working tool for the job
  • Demonstrate proper use and maintenance of leather working tools
  • Explain and demonstrate how to estimate and cost repair work
  • Explain what part of the leather hide to use for repairs
  • Demonstrate through projects and repairs the necessary skills for basic leather strap work
  • Understand common terminology used in leather working
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the different parts of horse tack

In order for students to acquire the knowledge and skills of Leather Working I, the instructor will use a variety of teaching methods including: expository learning, discussion, demonstration, guided practice, actual repair work, and special projects.

Students will be evaluated on their knowledge and skills through teacher made tests and quizzes, observations, interviews and dialogue, projects, and performance tasks.

Leather Working Certification

To those thinking of attending: I graduated from MM/Salem with a B.S. Degree in Equestrian studies in 1983. I use daily skills and lessons I learned there. Currently I practice equine law and am tied for 2nd in the nation in USEF eventing, BN division. None of this would be possible without MM! Go as soon as you can. Your future awaits!
Brenda Renick: 1983 Riding Master III Graduate