Prospective Students

A Meredith Manor student with her horse.

Bring Your Horse to College

A Meredith Manor student with her horse.

Although Meredith Manor provides horses for all students, students enrolled in any Riding Master program have the option to bring their own horse with them to school. All student horses boarded on campus will be used in the riding and/or training programs. Board per horse will be $250 / month and will include feed, hay and bedding. All horses will have routine trimming and/or shoeing and worming as prescribed by the school. Any medication or vet charges will be the responsibility of the student. If the student wishes to be the only one to use the horse, the charge will be $400 / month.

Physical Requirements

The horse must meet the following requirements:
  • Stand at least 15 hands (60" at withers)
  • Be at least two and a half years old
  • Be of good health and condition
  • Have true walk, trot, and canter gaits
  • Be within six months on all required vaccinations, tests, etc.

Prior to Arrival

Please ensure that the office has received the following paperwork prior to your horse arriving on campus.

Horse Forms Checklist: PDF, MS Word
  • Meredith Manor Horse Training and Lease Agreement: PDF, MS Word
  • Student Horse Rules Sheet (signed and dated): PDF, MS Word
  • Horse Health and General Background Information Sheet: PDF, MS Word
  • Horse Hoof Evaluation: PDF
  • Vet Certified Papers for:
    • General Health Certificate (within 30 days)
    • Negative Coggins (within 12 months)
    • Vaccinations (within 6 months)
      • Strangles (Intranasal recommended)
      • Influenza vaccination
      • Tetanus inoculation
      • Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis
      • Rhino
      • Potomac Horse Fever
    • Internal Parasite Count (less than 2 eggs/field) or dewormed within two months

Upon Arrival

  • Two Buckets (for water and grain)
  • Horse Blanket (if needed)
  • Insurance Papers (if any)

Please contact the Meredith Manor office to schedule your horse's arrival. A Meredith Manor student or graduate assistant will meet your horse on campus and show the horse to it's stall.

Student Horse Rules and Information

  • Students must get permission from their instructors prior to riding their horse outside of class.
  • When riding your horse outside of class time, you must either employ the buddy system or have someone on the ground present.
  • Jumping may not be done outside of class time. The outside arenas may not be used outside of class time.
  • Only the owner may ride student horses outside of class time.
  • All Meredith Manor safety rules must be followed when riding outside of class.
  • Horses that arrive and are deemed unsuitable for either the riding or the training program will be sent home. Horses that are only suitable for training can only go into that program if there is room.
  • Room and board per horse will be $250 per month and will include feed, hay, and bedding. Each owner must provide their own blankets and halters. All horses will have routine trimming and/or shoeing and worming as prescribed by the school. Any medication or vet charges will be the responsibility of the student.
  • If the student will be the only one to ride the horse, the charge is $400 per month.
  • Any insurance upon the horse shall be obtained at the option and the expense of the owner.
  • A Horse Training and Lease Agreement must be filled out and turned into the main office along with all other forms and health verification papers.


Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Meredith Manor! I am the assistant barn manager and head junior instructor at Concord Ridge Equestrian Center, a brand-new facility here in Southwest Michigan. I impress my bosses everyday with the knowledge I gained from my time at the manor! And I must say school was a breeze compared to my work load now! I'm very thankful to have been prepared for it and prepared correctly! Thanks once again :)
Rachel Cadle: 2010 Riding Master III Graduate