Dianne Gallatin of Whipple Tree Farm

Dianne (Dix) Gallatin
Whipple Tree Farm

Hometown: Carson City, MI
Time at MM: 1976 - 1977
Program: Riding Master
Favorite Class: Riding Classes
First Job After Graduation: Owner and Manager at Sleepy Hollow Stock Farm in Carson City, MI.

Current Job:
Owner, Manager, Instructor at Whipple Tree Farm in Richmond, Texas. Also find us on Facebook.

Owning and managing a barn is a hefty chore, but I enjoy every minute of it! The best part of my job is instructing the young riders during lessons. Watching them become skilled riders and seeing their love for horses grow is very rewarding!

What is your favorite memory from MM?
What attracted me to Meredith Manor was the atmosphere and comradery of all the other students and the intense activities the program included. One of my favorite memories is of watching an instructor ride across the arena performing one tempy lead changes. It inspired me and solidified my love of horsemanship!

Whipple Tree Farms students of Dianne Dix Gallatin In what ways have your experiences at Meredith Manor impacted your career and who you are today?
Meredith Manor instills the desire to work hard, love every minute of it, and know that your job is never over. It especially molded me into the woman I am today and continues to inspire me as I run my own farm.

Any advice for students attending Meredith Manor?
Just enjoy it because it will be over fast. Good luck to all the future students.

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