Rea Mahan

Rea Mahan

Hometown: Born in Hannibal, NY, currently lives in Calhan, CO
Time at MM: September 2016 to March 2018
Program: Riding Master 3 (Jumping)
Certifications: Riding Master 3, Massage, Training 1
Favorite Class: Horse Health
First Job After School: Small scale lessons and boarding on my own property.

Current Job:
I'm a stay at home mom while teaching a couple lessons a week with my own horses. I will also be offering boarding soon in my small four-stall barn.

What is your favorite memory from Meredith Manor?
I have a lot of great memories from MM, but my favorite memories would probably be cleaning stalls at 4:30am while campus was still quiet, and my jump classes with Jenny Fair.

Rea Mahan and her daughters In what ways have your experiences at Meredith Manor impacted your career and who you are today?
Before taking a teaching class my last quarter, I never would have considered teaching lessons, but I've come to enjoy it. Meredith Manor helped me really open up and improve my social skills. Obviously I enjoyed my time there, as my youngest daughter's middle name is Meredith. :)

Any advice for prospective students considering attending Meredith Manor?
You get out of the school what you put into it. Even if you don't necessarily agree with everything, if you put your head down and work hard, show up to all of the classes, push yourself past your comfort zone, etc, you will learn and grow as a rider and as an individual.

Other Feature Alumni

The manor is an incredible place!!! It gave me the confidence to live and love my career. I talk about Ron's words of wisdom constantly and I remember listening and learning from Faith's teachings.
Amber Luce: 2007 Riding Master III Graduate