Bill Disbennett

Bill Disbennett
Zoological Manager at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch at Walt Disney World Resort

Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.
Time at MM: 2001 - 2004
Program and Certifications: Riding Master VI, Teaching 2 and Equine Massage
First Job After Graduation: Following graduation I taught for a year at Meredith Manor. Later, while working in another capacity at Walt Disney World, I ran my own barn where I taught lessons.

Current Job:
I am one of three managers at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch at Walt Disney World. I manage 35 cast members (employees) coordinating barn activities and the care of the horses as well as park activities (trail rides, pony rides, carriage rides) and special events, such as weddings, that require horses.

What is your favorite memory or takeaway from MM?
Getting to do my first horse show, the Showmasters. I didn't come from a horse background so that was a huge moment for me.

How did MM impact your career today?
I talk about the school every day. People often ask me how I came to do this job and I tell them I went to the best hands-on, only accredited horse trade school in the country. I'm a retired dancer, and going to MM prepared me for the horse industry because it gives you hands-on experience in a concentrated amount of time. It's also a well rounded education. My first quarter I was western, then I did jumping and then dressage so I experienced a lot of different disciplines. I also learned a lot in riding theory such as how horses move and respond.

What advice do you have for MM students?
Always keep an open mind and be flexible. Wherever you go to work, learn what they are doing. Keep what you know, but learn what you can and then pick and choose what works for you. Following that philosophy helped me transition into my position very easily.

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Meredith Manor has given me the confidence to become the best rider and teacher I can be. The knowledge I gained in my time at MM gave me a great base to start my life in the Dressage world.
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