Amy McElroy

Amy (Joseph) McElroy
The Amy McElroy Group

Hometown: Wantagh, NY
Time at MM: 1980 - 1981
Program: Riding Master III
Riding Instructor Certification
Favorite Class: Anytime riding - especially the Wednesday horse shows
First Job After Graduation: Following graduation I stayed a month to understudy with Bodo Hangen, the head dressage trainer at the time. From there I went to be the assistant trainer at Reflections Stable in Columbia, SC.

Current Job:
In 1991 I started my own dressage freelance business called The Amy McElroy Group. I am based out of Fair Lane Farm in Aiken, SC.

I am the head trainer at the farm and teach and train horses every day. I have a large clientele of adult amateurs at all levels. I am a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medalist and hold a USDF L judges license with distinction and USEF "r" and "R" licenses. I am currently a 2016 "S" candidate and hopefully approved before the year is over! I also write a monthly column called "Ask the Judge" for the popular horse magazine The Aiken Horse.

I love my job! I wake up and ride, show or judge every day! I have built a nice business to live very comfortably doing what I love.

What is your favorite memory from MM?
I greatly enjoyed my time at MM. I was lucky enough to be selected to be a groom for the staff barn. Watching the professionals work and school their horses was an incredible opportunity. Another favorite was riding the bucking machine!

Amy McElroy of the McElroy Group riding Diamont In what ways have your experiences at Meredith Manor impacted your career and who you are today?
MM taught me what hard work is. It was very strict back in the day, with inspections daily for every aspect of your day. I learned to manage my time and set priorities. I will always remember Mr M's favorite word in his business class, KISS: keep it simple stupid. Of course all the riding and lessons set me on a path of success.

Any advice for students attending Meredith Manor?
My advice to MM students is to remember to DO YOUR BEST. Try to take advantage of any extra opportunities that are available. Some of these extras I think gave me an edge on future successes. I always volunteered for additional work. I was a tour guide to potential students as well as on the first day of each semester. I enjoyed meeting new people and it helped to improve my leadership skills. I also applied to work in the staff barns and groom for one of the instructors. I did get the position after the first semester. If permitted, see if you can observe the instructors schooling their horses. I got up extra early to do this. Memorize the tooth poem! To this day, everyone including vets are impressed at how I can tell the age of any horse. MM is a unique riding school that you should feel very lucky to be part of and hopefully be proud to be a graduate of this prestigious riding school.

Other Feature Alumni

My awesome instructors at Meredith Manor not only made be a better horseman but they made me a better person. Thanks for everything!
Kati Meyer: 2010 Riding Master III Graduate