Emma Dipompo

Emma Dipompo

Hometown: Jay, Maine.
Time at MM: Fall 2017 to Summer 2018
Program: ESM 1 year with 2 quarters Western Riding
Certifications: Training 1, Leather 1, Riding 2, and Ferrier 3
Favorite Class: Western Riding
First Job After Graduation: Stables staff at Lake Erie College

Current Job:
I'm currently the stable staff supervisor at Lake Erie College. I'm mainly in charge of cleaning all the horses stalls, feeding and watering horses, cleaning the barn and making sure everything is in order for the students.

What is your favorite memory from Meredith Manor?
My favorite memory of The Manor is probably when Ginger, The Manor's favorite broodmare, had her baby in the middle of a power outage. I had to scramble and find every flashlight I could manage at 11 p.m. on a Friday night and wait for other teachers to arrive and help. The colt (now named Hotshot) refused to suckle and it took a team of students and teachers to get him nursing. We got to watch him grow for a few months at The Manor and then he went home. I miss that little guy. And his birth is probably the best memory I have at The Manor.

In what ways have your experiences at Meredith Manor impacted your career and who you are today?
Meredith Manor taught me so many skills, but mostly The Manor taught me to be confident. Whether it's a horse acting badly, shaping a shoe, or dying a piece of leather, the more confident you are, the better the outcome will be.

Any advice for prospective students considering attending Meredith Manor?
Meredith Manor is not for the weak hearted. Blood, sweat and tears go into every aspect of this program. You'll know very quickly if you were made for this industry. If you dig deep and push your limits you will fly through the classes and excel in whatever you decide to take.

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I am so grateful to the staff at Meredith Manor for the education you provided. It's done wonders!
Jennifer Dinning: 2004 Riding Master VI Graduate