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Waverly, WV

May 7, 2021

Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre announces it will be closing at the end of this quarter, June 4, 2021. Meredith Manor regrets that it is no longer able to continue its operations due to declining enrollments and lack of funding. While Meredith Manor administrators have pursued possible ways to keep the program open, time on these efforts has run out due to lack of funds.

Meredith Manor will make arrangements for maintaining academic records and making them available to students upon request. Meredith Manor is also cooperating with its regulators to provide information relating to the closure of the institution.

Meredith Manor has operated since 1963 with thousands of graduates who have pursued careers in the equine industry, and the ownership and administration of Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre is grateful for the opportunity to serve so many individuals in our communities over the past 58 years.

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Meredith Manor is a nationally accredited equestrian college dedicated exclusively to preparing students for successful careers with horses. Riding majors include Dressage, Jumping, and Western. Career Emphasis Areas include Training, Teaching, Equine Massage Therapy, Breeding, Horse Health, Barn Management, Business Management, Farrier, Forging and Leather Working. In our equestrian programs, students work to improve their own skill base and theoretical understanding resulting in the increasing capability to influence a horse to higher and higher levels of mental and physical accomplishments.

Meredith Manor's name and reputation are known by serious horse people throughout the world. Students from the ages of seventeen to sixty-three have attended the School from every state and many foreign countries. Meredith Manor strives to provide a climate of learning in which each student may identify and accomplish his or her equine goals. We are committed to a hands-on teaching and learning process that will provide our students with the critical skills necessary to enjoy life-long careers in the horse industry.

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I got students really quickly once they found out I was a Meredith Manor certified instructor. The student count went up almost before I was ready. I didnít realize what a difference it would make.
Julie Huffman Griffin: 2003 Riding Master IV Graduate