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Limited Openings: There are a very limited # of openings remaining for Winter '16. If you plan to start this winter, submit your enrollment application & deposit ASAP.

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Read, Ride & Run Rewards
A new rewards program offering future and currently enrolled students and alumni an opportunity to earn MM Gear while improving their equine knowledge, skill and fitness. is a site dedicated to connecting potential students with MM trained riding instructors nearby
Interested in finding an MM alum in your area? is a site dedicated to connecting potential students with MM trained riding instructors nearby.
Congratulations to Alexan Parker on her 6th place finish at the 2016 Intercollegiate Dressage Association National Championships
IDA Team Inaugural Season
Congrats to the MM Dressage team for a great inaugural season in the IDA and to Alexan Parker for her 6th place finish at Nationals!
Stop Struggling with Canter Departs
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Stop Struggling with Canter Departs
"Cantering in balance on the correct lead requires much more finesse than just squeezing the horse's ribs and asking for more speed..."

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Meredith Manor is a nationally accredited equestrian college dedicated exclusively to preparing students for successful careers with horses. Riding majors include Dressage, Jumping, and Western. Career Emphasis Areas include Training, Teaching, Equine Massage Therapy, Breeding, Horse Health, Barn Management, Business Management, Farrier, Forging and Leather Working. In our equestrian programs, students work to improve their own skill base and theoretical understanding resulting in the increasing capability to influence a horse to higher and higher levels of mental and physical accomplishments.

Meredith Manor's name and reputation are known by serious horse people throughout the world. Students from the ages of seventeen to sixty-three have attended the School from every state and many foreign countries. Meredith Manor strives to provide a climate of learning in which each student may identify and accomplish his or her equine goals. We are committed to a hands-on teaching and learning process that will provide our students with the critical skills necessary to enjoy life-long careers in the horse industry.

I feel very lucky to have gone to Meredith Manor, you canít get experience like that at any other school.
Jana Armstrong: 2005 Riding Master VI Graduate